Wednesday, 10 September 2008


well guys changed my blog background again as i was so bored i did love the other one but i didnt make it and wanted to make one that reflected who i was and i must say rather pleased with fav colour is pink.
Well ive been so bored need to go find a job to keep my brain active but still got no permarent address, temp place we in is lovely but not the same as ur own home where u can make it ur own .Iam itching to move and start painting and make it look fanastic hopefuly fingers cross i have a new address by xmas.
Well had no gas yestaday as gas meter broke but now its been fixed i can cook again .Cats are so playful today they having a mad day all other the place bless them.Heros cat flu has gone thank god and starting to perk up hence his mad day.
anyway all of u take care lovs caroline xxx

Added the new followers widget so please add urself as my fan i need fans lol x

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