Monday, 20 October 2008

Christmas gloss balls

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Flashgraphics Creations said...

Hi there

Scripts are great fun.

You record somethng you are making and save it so you can call it up at any time to create more of the same. It saves you having to recreate the same graphic over and over.

When you play it back it creates your graphic for you right in front of your very eyes. It's like watching a ghost on your machine lol.

If you want to try a script make sure it's for your version i.e. if you have PSP 8 but scripts are for 9 and up, they wont' work.

All scripts come with instructions and tell you what file to put the script in, usually the restricted file.

If you hit your script tab in PSP, it'll show you a list of scripts (if you have any). Hit the play button and follow the instructions.

To create your own scripts is easy, to make them interractive can be a challenge and a half. I haven't been able to master an interractive script yet, just a simple one but I'm still trying.

If you need more info, let me know.

Hugs Marie

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