Friday, 14 November 2008

Feeling on top of the world and fell back down

Hi guys i had some good news will be moving to a new home before christmas i will find out on monday 17th when i will be moving reckon within a couple of weeks.

The most thing iam dreading is the packing got so much stuff in my loft and still have more stuff to come to me.

got my cooker for the new palce so least i be able to cook gosh if i hadnt got a cooker i woulnt of been able to cook christmas dinnerlol.

I did a naughty thing and looked at the place b4 i have been given a viewing as iam so impaient but hey wish i hadnt.

The place is a hovel a pig wouldnt live there but it gave me a chance to ring up and say what things i wanted changing so touch wood when i go to view it will have been all done .

Feeling down past few days so havnt really visited anyone should be feeling top of the world but feel ive came tumbling back down it.

Where they have put me and the kids is the worse area there is no shops near by ,no bus service and to get to it it is on a massive steep hill and no playareas for kids.

ok my kids are older luckly i have no pushchairs to get up the hill etc but my friends all do so i cant see them coming to visit much and once the ice comes theres no way anyone with a pushchair can go up.

anyway could go on and on thanks 4 reading

caroline xx

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Divvy's this and that said...

Oh Caz I take it it is your council that are housing you and the kids, we have been waiting nearly a year as the flat we are in is too small for me and my wheelchair, there are a few areas that we don't want but then you feel if you say no u will just be hanging on forever. I hope u feel more cheery soon :o)

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